About us

What makes a great photo?
Is it a light or the moment? Is it the composition? Perhaps it is the model or maybe the camera? Location? Preparation? Does it all depend on the ideas and creativity of the photographer? Or is it about the team?
You might think it depends on years of experience, technical skills or the talent of the photographer. And some think it is all about post-production these days. In fact it is the photographer’s mastery to put all of them together in the right cocktail so the taste is pleasant to the client. This is key to a great photo.

Natalia, the head of Mediative Photography, has several years of experience in photo and video production as a marketing manager, as well as a freelance photographer.

She has contributed to various magazines and books in China, Hong Kong and the USA.


Sona , her writer friend is someone who enjoys deciphering what the photographer has captured. She builds the stories behind the pictures ( at times true, at times imaginary) and adds flavor to this blog.

Earlier, she has worked on photo-story books, biographies, magazines, in Netherlands, China, and HongKong.


The partnership continues………


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